Why You Should Support Our Foundation

The shocking increase in the rate of street children has become a threat to the future of our local communities, as well as a national concern but most of these kids are not in the streets simply because of the lack of community school instead it's because of the one thing that has and it's still our biggest burden ever, which is poverty.

Kids from very poor families that earn less than $2 a day and struggle with their daily means while living in hazardous enveronments where they don't have any future without an external help.

Our main objectives are:
  • Reduction of street children by sending them to School.
  • Providing access to good shelter and food for the needy families and disaster victims.
  • Creating job opportunities for the youths and high school leavers.
  • Organizing awareness programs in the communities on how to improve health standard and a good family.

The foundation is currently supporting tens of families and households . Our work is mainly focused on the poorest families and communities, where 95% of the population lives below $2 a day.

The Gambia is one of the smallest country in Africa , surrounded on both sides by Senegal. Although the thin sliver of land straddles the Gambia River, soil quality means that the people rely upon peanut farming,with some exports of fish, cotton, rice and palm kernels. The Atlantic coastline means that tourism is a growing source of revenue, however many of the local villages do not have electricity or running water.

The foundation's main source of founding is through individual donations and corporate sponsors for fundraising.

In our drive to achieve our goals and expand the activities of the foundation, we sick for assistance from anyone at anywhere. The poor families in the Gambia needs your support and are waiting for you to knock on their doors someday, to give them hope, and put the smile of a life time on their faces. As outline in our activities which covers different projects like Feed the Family, Educate a child, Shelter for all, among others. Any small contribution from you will have a lot of positive impact on many families in the Gambia. By doing so, you are also rendering your service to humanity, the best gift that one can give to your fellow human being in this present generation.