Our Projects

Sanna's Foundation for the Needy helps the poor through a variety of projects.

This Project Catalog provides you with a list of the most urgent outreach programs now in need of funding around the country. By sponsoring one of these unique projects, you can know that your gift to help the poor has had a real, tangible impact.

The Gambia been one of the least develop countries in main land Africa is face with many challenges. Majority of those effected are the children . Our main vision is to change and improve the living standard of this children by providing them with the basic needs of human-being.

In other to achieve this, we are running some major projects which are as follows:


Educate a Child

As the number of school going children drops yearly by 4% to 5% due to financial difficulties face by their parents or guardians as a result of the current global financial crises. In the Gambia 95% of the population lives below $2 a day and the dependency rate on the working class is increasing yearly. Parents find it very difficult to pay for their children's school fees at the primary level not to talk of at the senior level as school fees keep on increasing.

Our main concern is to help and support those children to go back to school to start building for a better tomorrow. Every nation's development depended on its youth force and the more educated your youths (boys & girl) are; the greater and more reliable work force you have. Since 2012 the foundation has been supporting many of these children by means of sending them back to school through our individual donors and corporate sponsors. Many of whom come from the most needy families in the Gambia. We hope by doing this we will reduce the number of children on the streets and make them productive for their families, communities, and the nation at large. Education is one of the most important elements in human development and the more one is educated, the better chance him or her stand to play a greater role in national development.

We also support schools from nursery to senior secondary level with school books, computers, tables, chairs, and other equipment's. These are very important in one's education, today we are happy that many are benefiting from our support and at the same time making good use of it. We hope in ten years to come the number of non school going children will drop to its lowest rate. The foundation is also making efforts to support adult literacy education. we are looking for ways on how to step in such areas.

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We have some other projects that we do give us support on when the need arises.

Cloth-Ding for the Needy Child, Electricity Per Every House

Feed The Children

This project we provide feeding materials like rice, surge, cooking oil, milk, among others to the needy families within the communities across the Gambia.

This is among one of our main projects, we believe that one needs to be fade well in order to be able to be anything properly. If you are hungry, you become weak and if you are weak you can not do anything proper.

We first want to feed the hungry families then provide them with other basic human needs.

Water for the Kids

As water is needed in our everyday life activities. We use it to cook, clean, and grow our foods for living. Many families and communities still do not have access to clean drinking water even duo 70% of earth is cover by it.

In many Gambian rural communities, people travel kilometers to have access to clean drinking water while others hardly knows what a tap water looks like.

As a result we provide home taps to some of those houses that can not afford it on their own. Many of the houses that has benefited through this project are today feeding them-self through gardening and other means.


Gift for Health

As the global economy is in rescission and inflation is on the rise, many poor people can not afford to pay for their medical bills or have access to proper health care.

We are very concern about this and we are trying to extend our support to some of those that we are able to help.

Shelter for a Child

As the poverty level is on the increase in the Gambia and many families are been affected yearly either through natural disasters or human conflict.

The foundation is spending tireless efforts to provide housing for those families that are in urgent need of shelter. We have build houses and carry out some renovation work on many of those homes affected either naturally or through human conflict.