Our Mission

  • To serve disaster struck and socially disadvantaged individuals and families in the less   fortunate communities in the Gambia.
  • To educate communities on child slavery, family planing, illicit drugs, child prostitution   and labour.
  • To advocate for increased awareness on child's rights, freedom to express their feelings   and ideas, social rights and promote equality.
  • To increase the number of school going children and carry out Governments efforts   towards promoting adult literacy.

See Our Testimonail's


From - Isatou Touray

My name is Isatou Touray. First of all I return thanks to God for coming to my aid through Sanna's Foundation. Since the death of my younger sister, I have been looking after her two kids. As the number of dependency on me increases, I found it very difficult to take care of every one within the family. As a result I couldn't pay for their school fees and suddenly they drop from school. When I hard about the foundation through a friend, I personally went there to seek for their assistance. After careful study to my request, they finally approved my application. Now Dodu and Kaddy are back to school and they are doing great. I am very grateful to the foundation because if not their timely assistance my kinds will be at home and will not be like other kids within the village.

From - Nene Bah

All praise by to Allah. My name is Nene Bah, a widow since 2004 to date with seven children. My family is currently been supported by Sanna's Foundation after learning about my situation through a family friend. I was a business woman before the death of my husband. After his death, I find it very hard to support my family, not to talk of continuing with my business. My kids couldn't go to school and I lose all hopes of someday seeing them of becoming responsible people within the society. Feeding was very hard for us, from time to time some family friends will invite us to eat with them or help us with something to eat. Thanks to Sanna's Foundation, today two of my kids are going to school and we having something to eat in the house. I am very grateful to the foundation and may their work live for ever.


From - Bintou Ceesayy

My name is Bintou Ceesay. I am from Sukuta Nema Su. I am a student at Abart Arabic School and my school is been paid my Sanna's Foundation since my grade three. I am very happy to be going to school like my friends even duo I am not attending the same school like them. Sanna's foundation is going very good for many of us who in one way or the other would have been staying at home doing only house work. They also provide my family with feeding and at times with cloths too. I love them and wish them all the best so that they can help other children who are still at home.

We have some other projects that we do give us support on when the need arises.

Cloth-Ding for the Needy Child, Electricity Per Every House